Middlewick on Channel 4 Four in a Bed

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Middlewick on Channel 4 Four in a Bed

Middlewick on Channel 4 Four in a Bed

Make sure and watch out for Middlewick on Channel 4 Four in a Bed on Tuesday, November 9th at 5pm.

Way back in March in the middle of Lockdown Jill and our spa manager, Inez decided to do something crazy.  They signed themselves up to be contestants on Channel 4 Four in A Bed.

It all came about when a phone call came in from the production team asking if Middlewick wanted to step in to replace someone who had dropped out of the show last minute.  And because they were bored they said yes.

Now if you haven’t seen the show – it is about 4 B&B owners who visit each other’s accommodation to rate it and decide how much it is worth to stay at.  You also have to say whether you would stay there again or not.   All quite fun and we visited Birmingham, Lincolnshire, and Cumbria on our filming adventure.

Now I can’t give too much away before the show which starts on Monday and it runs all week at 5pm.  Middlewick features on the Tuesday November 9th. Channel 4 TV Guide

All I can say is that it was great fun to do.  I have no idea how the final edit will look and then I may not be so chirpy but….. we did have a laugh and it helped relieve some of the lockdown boredom we were feeling back in March.

Oh and Remember to make sure and Book your stay before the news gets out

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And do watch out to see our new Spa at Middlewick

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