An Eco-friendly holiday in Glastonbury

‘Climate Change is real and very serious.  Our lifestyle has an impact on carbon emissions and as oil becomes scarcer, our lifestyles will have to change.’

Jill Barker, Baby Green: Caring for your Baby the Eco-Friendly Way, Published 2007.

The Middlewick - Green History

Jill and her husband Jonathan purchased Middlewick after they sold their Environmentally Friendly business, Green Baby. They set out to bring everything they had learned from owning an Eco-retailer to the new business. Converting a 17th Century Farmstead on 16 acres of land into an environmentally friendly holiday resort. A place where guests can be inspired by a sustainable vision for the planet. 

An Eco-Friendly Destination in Glastonbury, Somerset

Green initiatives at Middlewick

Middlewick Before and After

The Middlewick today, compared to when we (Jill and Jon) purchased it, is very different. Originally the holiday cottages were heated with inefficient night storage heaters or gas boilers.  Over the years the cottages have been updated to be more sustainable.

  • Bio-mass boilers were installed to heat the cottages and swimming pool.
  • Solar PV panels were installed to supply the majority of electricity for the resort.
  • All lighting was changed to LED bulbs.
  • Outside lighting was installed on motion sensors so that it was not on all night.
  • All of the cleaning products and sundries were swapped over to eco-friendly brands.
  • Furniture and interiors were swapped around, upcycled, recycled, natural,  Fair Trade or locally made became the main criteria.

Still a work in progress, Middlewick has come a long way forward from when we moved here in 2011. 

2022 and Beyond

New Farm Shop and Build

In 2022, we embarked on a very ambitious project. We decided to build an eco-friendly cafe and farmshop. A brand-new building that would be a shining example of sustainability. From solar panels to Air Source heat pumps to environmentally friendly interior design. This is on top of a fully electric kitchen. Working with our Glastonbury-based builders Melhuish and Saunders we achieved what we set out to do.  We built an A-rated Environmental building – a rating that less than 0.3% of all commercial buildings in the UK achieve.  
Eco-Friendly Glastonbury

Green Technology

Striving to be Carbon Neutral

Our first Green Installation was our Bio-mass boilers.  As our cottages and swimming pool needed to be updated, we decided to invest in Wood pellet boilers to do this. We installed 2 large boilers and built a 10-tonne wood pellet storage room for storage. Just after that outlay, we installed 120 PV panels onto our barn roof. This would allow us to create 30Kw/h of electricity for our resort. For our new Farm Shop and Cafe, we have added an additional 72 panels to generate electricity to supply the farm shop and Cafe. We also have 5 air-source heat pumps on the property supplying energy for the buildings.

Supporting Local and Sustainable Suppliers

Middlewick Eco Supply Chain

From the cleaning products we use in the cottages, to the produce we buy for the Farm Shop, to the beauty ranges used in our spa, every decision we make here at Middlewick is carefully considered.

The power of purchase is our biggest power.  The decisions we make regarding how we spend can affect the planet.

We are passionate about the local pound, and keeping money in the local community means so much to us here at Middlewick. We use local tradespeople and local suppliers as much as we can.  So much of the food we have in our cafe and farm shop comes from within 12 miles of us here in Wick.

Electric Cars

Green Travel

Middlewick can be reached by public transport.  The 376 bus from the centre of Bristol drops off at the end of our Lane, just a short walk to us.  Berrys Coaches from London depart and arrive in the centre of Glastonbury, a short walk or taxi journey to us here.

By train, you can travel to Castle Cary and then take a short taxi ride to us.

Or if you do drive, we welcome all cars but are especially pleased to have our visitors in Electric Cars.  We have been encouraging our guests to use electric since 2018 when we installed 2 of the first Electric Vehicle charging points. 

Our Facilities at The Middlewick


On-site heated swimming pool

The Spa

Luxurious spa treatments


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EV Charging Points

Recharge your car whilst you recharge

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