The Secret Lives of Bees and Dowsers and people arriving just when you need them.

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The Secret Lives of Bees and Dowsers and people arriving just when you need them.

The Secret Lives of Bees and Dowsers and people arriving just when you need them.

I have always said that at Middlewick people just arrive to help with the things that need to be done.  From the artist to the carpenter there always seems to be something that attracts people at the right time here.  This weekend it was the turn of a couple of our guests to be here to help us out.

We found a swarm of bumblebees by the barn last week that we needed to move away. To do this requires a telephone call to the local beekeeper to come along and take the bees 3 miles away so they do not return.  I hadn’t gotten around to sorting it out yet – like lots of things here- just add it the list of the hundred and one things to do.   In the meantime a lovely couple arrived from the Midlands to stay in Appletree.  I was showing the husband around the property when he asked if I knew where he could find some bees.  I asked why this was and it turned out he had just started keeping bees and it was his favourite pasttime.  I asked him if he could move bees and he said that fortunately he had brought along his bee suit so could help me sort out my swarm.  He went off in his bee suit to get the bees ready to move and then later that day moved the beehive off to a new home.

The following day I was telling a guest the story of my bee man arriving and sorting out my problems with bees.  I told them the right people always arrived at Middlewick .  I then went on to tell them about the Middlewick Well, my latest project here.  Adam and I had been trying to figure out where the well was here on the property but with no luck.  I said I just needed a dowser to arrive to help me out.  The couple I was talking to started to laugh.  I asked what was so funny – they said that they were dowsers so could find my well.  So off we went, found the well and we have marked it all out to be dug up again.

I now need to figure out how to open the well up but I am sure if I wait a little while someone will arrive to sort it out for me.

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