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Rescue Horse Centre Somerset

Many of you know that Tommy our big black horse came to us from the Rescue Horse Centre down from us in Somerton in Somerset.

I did go there looking for a pony to be a companion for Tim our old appaloosa when he lost his brother Hank to old age.

I saw Tom the big shire horse and fell in love with him.

Tom had been a horse at the Conquest Centre, a charity based just outside Taunton.  It was started over 50 years ago (in 1965)when 3 people bought 2 ponies (Adam & Eve) to offer riding sessions to the disabled. The group went from strength to strength, quickly growing in popularity, and became an affiliated RDA Centre (Riding for the Disabled Association) in 1971.

The charity now offers much more than horse riding for the disabled. It is a charity that welcomes the community, embraces the family, and engages with nature.   There are facilities on the farm that is free to use and there are also many different programs going on throughout the year.  The farm is just over an hour’s drive from us here in Glastonbury.  Many of their facilities are free (although a donation is appreciated).  They have a sensory room as well as farm animals and of course horses like Tom.  Conquest Centre Farm

Tom is such a friendly rescue horse that has the special skill of knowing who needs attention.  He will always come and say hello here at the cottages and is just what we needed for our guests and visitors to our farm shop.

Tim and Tom were not best mates at first.  Tom is very bossy and pushes Tim out of the way for all the attention.  But Tim secretly loves Tom and Tom loves Tim in his own way.  They have a special bond, like two old men who like to moan about everything together, act grumpy, argue, and shout at each other but then say – best friends still? Yes, I guess so!

After Tom was retired from the Conquest Centre he was sent to the rescue horse centre at  Glenda Spooner Farm Horse Welfare Trust

The farm is 220 acres and is home to around 65 rescue horses and ponies.  It is a short drive from us here in Glastonbury.   There are lovely walks all around their fields and paddocks where you can say hello to all their horses and ponies.  They have a small shop and a wonderful little cafe serving breakfasts and lunches. (Café hours: 10am – 4pm. Full lunch menu available from 12noon – 2.30pm, followed by afternoon tea and cakes until 4pm)

There is a small entrance fee and if you do visit please feel free to donate as they do so much for so many horses and ponies.   Oh and if you have space for a small pony or a shire horse like Tom you may just find one to take home like I did.

For more information about the work that the Horse Welfare Trust do visit their page.

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Jon and Tom coming to some sort of agreement about who is boss
Jill relaxing with Tom in the fields
Tom doing some lawn mowing for us
Tom enjoying a takeaway
2 Horsepower Lawn Mower
Tom and Tim in our back field with view of Glastonbury Tor

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