All part of the Middlewick Experience is the chance to try Local Somerset Food and Drink while you are on holiday.  Our on site Farm shop is full of delicious goodies to try out.

Most of my friends know I frown on supermarket deliveries to our holiday cottages.  OK, sometimes there is just no way to avoid ordering a delivery to arrive for your stay but I do my best to discourage them.  As one of the delivery men who arrived last week with a van full of generic food said ‘Why would you order in food from a supermarket when you are spoiled with such great local food?’  Yes you can probably imagine the big smile on my face with his comment.  His company had sent him from Cardiff to deliver to our cottages in Glastonbury.  What a crazy world we have created.

With busy lives it may be difficult to Shop Locally but when you are on holiday why not slow down and take the time to experience food the way it should be.  Buy from the locals, buy seasonally, buy different things than you would normally.

Here are 8 more reasons why you should Buy Local when you are on holiday.(well actually anytime really)


  1.  You are putting money into the local community.  Research on spending shows that for every pound spent locally with a small or medium sized business around 63p goes back into the community.
  2.  Less packaging.  Supermarkets are dreadful with the amount of plastic packaging on their products.  Buying from local farm shops, butchers and bakers can mean reduced waste.  Smaller local companies will even let you bring in your own containers to fill rather than using plastic.
  3. Buying In-season.  We have forgotten how to eat with the seasons.  Most of what local Farm shops, green grocers, butchers, fish mongers and bakeries sell with be in season.  Eating out of season foods that have been flown from around the world just seems mad to me.  Eating food in season tastes so much better and I think is healthier for you.
  4. You get to Try new products.   Somerset and the SouthWest is full of quirky food and drink.  I love finding something I haven’t tried before.  Our little farm shop is full of interesting local products.  I just have to have a quick glance around to see things that many people may not have tried before -Pickled walnuts, Milk Vodka, Beetroot ketchup, British Fava beans and more.
  5. You will be supporting British start up businesses.  Everyone has to start small and without local shops the food and drink businesses of tomorrow would have no where to help get them up and running.  The unknown brand you spot in the local shops today could be the big brand of tomorrow.   Everyone loves discovering the next big thing.
  6. Local businesses support the community.  Small businesses are often the voices of the community.  They get involved in local markets, support local events and encourage the community to get involved.
  7. You can often get great advice or learn something new.  You really can’t google everything you need to learn about.  Sometimes the best advice you can get is from a local shop keeper.  They know their stuff so worth asking them.
  8. It is often cheaper.  The supermarkets are very clever with their prices.  They have made it all so confusing with their special offers and deals that we really don’t know the real cost of our food.  Does anyone really know what the price of a litre of milk, a dozen eggs, a kg of lamb or a pound of carrots is these days?  By sticking to local you can understand why prices go up or down.  You can make informed decisions about what you want to buy.

Finally, Use it or Lose it.

The truth is If you don’t use your local shop than you will lose it.

facilities 5 - Middlewick Holiday Cottages

  The High Street would be a very different place when there are no local independent shops.  Unfortunately this is something that is happening in so many small towns and cities around the country.  Vibrant active High Streets attract tourists to the area who will help with the local economy.  We all need to support out local independent shops.




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