Going to Music Concerts Can Help You Live Longer

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Going to Music Concerts Can Help You Live Longer

Going to Music Concerts Can Help You Live Longer

Fortunately, Glastonbury has plenty of Live Music Venues to choose from.

According to a recent study, Going to Music Concerts can help you live longer.  Research has shown that going to music gigs makes you feel happier and healthier(probably as long as you don’t drink lots of alcohol at the same time). Fortunately for us there are plenty of Live Music Venues to choose from around Glastonbury, some with alcohol and some without.

And with so many places with live music around Glastonbury you can pretty much guarantee that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Live Music Pubs in Glastonbury
You will usually find me in one of the pubs in Glastonbury listening to live music.  I love going along to spot the next big act, and Glastonbury town does attract some great up and coming bands.   Many of our pubs here have music 7 days a week so always something to listen to.

  • King Arthur
    So many bands have been through the doors of the King Arthur. With music or cabaret on most nights you would be really unlucky to not be able to listen to a band or watch a performance here.  And if you are lucky you may just spot the next big act here. We watched an amazing young band called the Struts in there a few years ago. They have since gone on to fame in North America, I discovered that when I went home to Canada one summer and they were playing on the radio. Here is a link to future events at the King Arthur pub which is on St. Benedicts Street in Glastonbury. Events at King Arthur Pub
  • Hawthorns Pub
    Over the past few years, Hawthorns have worked very hard to transform the pub from an occasional music space to what is now one of the most popular music venues in Glastonbury. There is an Open Mic on a Tuesday, a Blues Jam on a Sunday plus regular music on Friday nights.
  • Riflemans Arms
    This is a bit unpredictable with their music these days but they do get some great musicians in there. They often host some great Irish Folk nights.

Restaurants with Music in Glastonbury

  • Hundred Monkeys.  Not only a fantastic place to go for a meal, they also host some great music sessions in the restaurant.  Usually on a Thursday but keep a watch on their Facebook page to see what they have planned.
  • Bocabar and Red Brick Building.  This is one of the largest music venues in Glastonbury and brings in some great performers to the town.  The Bocabar is also a fabulous restaurant and bar.  The performances are held in the adjoining Red Brick Building space.

Larger Music Venues in Glastonbury
Glastonbury Abbey has to be the most beautiful concert venue to visit.  Throughout the year they host many concerts, but their most famous one is the Glastonbury Extravaganza.  Every August the grounds of the Abbey are transformed into a giant outdoor concert venue to host 5,000 people.  It is always a well-known headliner but I actually really enjoy the support acts as they are usually up-and-coming local acts. My favourite memory is listening to a young superstar from Bristol named George Ezra.

Glastonbury Assembly Rooms is a unique venue with a Victorian acoustic Main Hall. It has a rich history that has included productions by the great British composer Rutland Boughton and was home of the first Glastonbury Rural Arts festival which featured luminaries such as George Bernard Shaw, Alice Buxton, Thomas Hardy, and T.E. Lawrence. Here is the link to  upcoming events

Glastonbury Town Hall is a venue that is often rented out for various music concerts.  We have seen some great bands play here. It is a stunning hall that can host 300 people.  Keep an eye on Glastonbury Online to see if there are any upcoming concerts.

School Concert Halls around Glastonbury
We are very privileged to have some fantastic schools on our doorsteps and they host some incredible concerts, both by students and by visiting artists.

Millfield Senior School in Street has a 350-seat Concert Hall with superb acoustics and a stage big enough to host a full orchestra and choir.  It is no wonder it is part of the International Concert Series. Most concerts are open to everyone but for further details visit their website:  Millfield Concerts

Strode College is home to the Strode Theatre and Cinema.  The 343-seater theatre has been an important part of the community since 1963 when it was opened with funding from the Clarks Foundation.  It plays host to a mixed programme of live professional and amateur events on stage. Visit their website to view their Calendar of Events.

Wells Cathedral School is a top-class music school that boasts 3 different venues where you can go along to student concerts or visiting international performers.  For a full list of what is on at each of the below venues, visit their events page.

  1. The new Cedar Hall is a beautiful building that holds concerts for up to 350 people.  For a list of events here have a look at their website. Cedar Hall
  2. Quilter Hall is a small, medieval, former concert hall located opposite Wells Cathedral.  It tends to be used for smaller concerts such as the lunchtime series.  These lunchtime concerts are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1.05pm. Doors open 15 minutes before the start of the concert, admission is free and everyone is welcome.
  3. The spectacular Wells Cathedral is used for the school’s larger performances, such as Symphony Orchestra Concerts and the annual Brass and Percussion Promenade.

What would Glastonbury be without Festivals? There is a little one that goes on every year in the town of Pilton.  The locals call it the Pilton Festival as it is 7 miles away from the actual town of Glastonbury. But I don’t need to give that festival any more publicity, it does well enough on its own.

Here are a few lesser-known local festivals that are worth coming along to here in Glastonbury.

Godney Gathering is a one-day Micro Festival that takes place in July every year.  . It has seven different stages and performance areas in a field a few miles from the centre of Glastonbury.  The main stage features well-known artists while the smaller stages feature many talented local musicians. A great day out for the whole family.

Glastonbury Calling is a two-day festival in February that highlights the variety of great new music from the West and shows off all the great live music venues in the town.

Glastonbury Fringe Festival was started in 2012 as an alternative to The big festival down the road. It takes place in June, in the weeks leading up to the Glastonbury Festival, and was set up to promote music, arts, and drama.  There is always a great launch party at Glastonbury Abbey.

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