Somerset Wine, A Long way from Babycham

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Somerset Wine, A Long way from Babycham

Somerset Wine, A Long way from Babycham

Somerset is well renowned for its Somerset Cider. However, many people forget that Somerset Wine has come a long way, and so have we here at Middlewick. We opened a new Farm Shop in December 2017 where we stock a whole range of local Somerset Wine and of course Cider.

Do you remember Babycham? Did you know that it was a Somerset Wine?

Well not really a Somerset Wine, it was an alcoholic pear drink, what is locally known as ‘Perry’.  Francis Showering launched it in 1953 and marketed it as a ‘champagne’ perry. Babycham was the first alcoholic product to ever be advertised on British commercial television.  The original company was bought out in the 1990s and although it still continues to be sold in the UK it is not made in Shepton Mallet anymore.

The Showering family do continue to make other alcoholic drinks in Shepton Mallet.  They own the brand Brothers Cider. 

Move over BabyCham and welcome to the new generation of winemakers of Somerset.  These are the vineyards we stock in our Farm Shop here at Middlewick.

Smith & Evans
Are dedicated to their goal of making a top-class sparkling Somerset wine using the classic Champagne grapes Pinot Noir, Meunier, and Chardonnay. They have won many national and international awards.  They keep back some of their grapes to make a still white wine as well for friends and family.  We are on that list here at Middlewick and we occasionally have limited supplies of their latest wine.

Produce fantastic sparkling and still white and rose wine. We currently have in stock 3 of their white wines, a Somerset Dry, a Madeleine Angevine, and a Bacchus.  The Somerset Dry is a blend of 40% Madeleine Angevine, 40% Bacchus and 20% Seyval Blanc. We think of Somerset Dry as Sauvignon Blanc in style but with a Somerset attitude.  The Medeleine Angevine is a Loire grape that makes a delightful fruity wine with a flowery nose similar to an Alsace Pinot Blanc.  It has a gentle dry finish and makes an excellent aperitif.  The Bacchus is a dry white wine with a big nose and deep fruit flavours such as elderflower, meadow, and freshly-cut grass.  A big enough fruity taste to accompany cheese and strong-flavoured white meat dishes.

Is a vineyard between the Quantock Hills and the Bristol Channel.  Vines planted in 1986 with 30 years of low intervention and eco-friendly husbandry are now home to a huge range of wildlife as well as fantastic grapes.  We stock 3 Oatley wines here at Middlewick.  Jane’s 2017 is a 100% Madeleine Angevine.  It is clean, fruity, fresh, crisp, and dry.  Great with spicy food and light, modern cuisine.   Elizabeth’s 2015 is 62% Madeleine Angevine and 38% Kernling.  This wine was a Silver Medal UK Wine of the Year winner in 2016.  it is a very pale green, clean, herby, with good balance, a long finish, warm ginger spice on the nose, and gingerbread/grapefruit on the palate. Leonora’s 2016 is a 100% Kernling grape which is the first cross from Riesling and Kerner grapes.  The wine is similar to a young, fully-dry Riesling.

You can come and sample some of the wines at one of our Pop UP Events this summer, including Pizza and BBQ nights, alongside the selection we have in our Farm Shop.

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